elf-absorbed self-help guru Dr. Lois Kettlebaum is passing through Mercy on her way to Regina for a book signing. Her stay in Mercy is a little longer than she expected as her beloved pet dog Fluffy escapes. As her harried chauffeur looks for Fluffy, Dr. Kettlebaum in private is an emotional wreck over Fluffy, while her public persona doles out advice to the many in Mercy who seek it. Sarah doesn't like what she hears, and Baber has a connection of another kind with Dr. Kettlebaum. Meanwhile, Amaar inadvertently opens a letter addressed to Reverend Thorne, the letter which divulges some very personal information. Amaar and Rayyan try to decide how best to get the letter back to the reverend without his knowledge while discussing what to do with the new found information. And Yousef learns his second English word.

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