ith Yasir still in Lebanon, Sarah has been spending much of her time at his construction business office in the church. She has turned her attention to organizing things at the church, much the way she has organized her life with Yasir. Although they appreciate her efforts, Amaar and Reverend Thorne are at their wits end when Sarah takes her self-appointed organizational duties to an extreme. They have to figure out how to get her to stop without hurting her feelings. Meanwhile, Rayyan thinks about her best friend from college, Holly Weldon, who Rayyan dropped from her life when she became serious about Islam since Holly was not Muslim. Rayyan regrets doing that and wants to reconnect with Holly. Rayyan is surprised that not only does Holly not hold a grudge against her, but that she wants to come to Mercy for a visit. When Holly arrives, Rayyan may regret reconnecting with her old friend as Holly believes she has a mutually-exclusive relationship with Jesus, and that her mission is to save Rayyan from Islam and by association eternal damnation.

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