arah is waiting for a telephone call from Yasir from Lebanon which doesn't occur when expected. Feeling a bit lonely, Sarah decides to spend that "waiting" time to have coffee with the attractive new concrete salesman, Robert. Their morning coffee "dates" become a ritual. In her having coffee with Robert, Sarah's fellow Muslims believe she's doing something unseemly and un-Islamic. Is she? Meanwhile, while listening to Fred's radio show, Reverend Thorne thinks that a good way to bring about bad faith amongst his congregation toward the Muslim community is to have a radical Muslim viewpoint on Fred's show. His star candidate for this task is Baber. Although Reverend Thorne manages to talk Baber into appearing on Fred's show, Baber's views result in a slightly different reaction than expected. But for their own betterment, two usual adversaries decide to join forces to get Baber off the air.

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