he annual Mercy chili cook off is upcoming, this year without five time defending champion Yasir who is still in Lebanon. Sarah, his assistant in those wins (if truth be told, she acted only as his ladle caddy), vows to keep the Hamoudi winning tradition. With her new assistant Ann by her side, non-cook Sarah would have a fighting chance if either she or Ann could read Yasir's messy handwritten award winning chili recipe. Five time silver medalist Fred smells a victory for himself this year, especially as he has a new old family recipe to submit. Ann takes drastic measures to help Sarah win, but Sarah isn't sure if winning by devious means is worth it. Meanwhile, Baber has been conspiring with the conservative faction of the mosque ever since he learned that Amaar was the reason he was fired from his radio program. Baber's latest cause is banning women from wearing pants in the mosque, which he believes is un-Islamic. Rayyan is opposed to Baber's view on this issue. Reverend Thorne, seeing a way to get Amaar into trouble, fans the fires on this issue. Amaar, who initially uses a ploy suggested by Nate to neutralize the issue, gets caught in the middle, especially when Baber's cause is endorsed by the Board, its members who realistically are Amaar's bosses. Amaar has to decide how to do what he believes is right without jeopardizing his employment.

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