everend Thorne has finally got his wish: he's managed to kick the Muslims out of Mercy Anglican without looking like the bad guy. The next step is to get Hamoudi Contracting out as well. Amaar goes looking for another space in Mercy for a mosque, and comes up with what looks to be the only solution: the soon to be demolished Mercy Arena. Back at the church, Sarah tries to make life difficult for Reverend Thorne. But Reverend Thorne's life may be difficult enough without Sarah's help as what may be Reverend Thorne's wish is not that of Archbishop Tom Edmonds, who sees Mercy Anglican as the Anglican diocese's jewel in the prairies due to its vision of tolerance. Unaware of what Reverend Thorne has done, the Archbishop is coming for a visit expecting to see the mosque in the church. Before the Archbishop's arrival, Reverend Thorne has to figure a way to get the Muslims back without letting them know he needs them back. Will there be a fairy-tale ending?

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