t's time for the annual Mercy Mixer to take place, an event which was in the past co-hosted by Amaar and Reverend Magee to bring together the Muslim and Christian communities. It's aim was high on the education, medium on the social and low on the fun. Reverend Thorne wants nothing to do with it, instead wanting to hold his own Fun Fair solely for the Anglican community in hopes of bringing them back to the church. Reverend Thorne changes his mind after he makes a trip to the bank and sees the depleted savings of the church. He then devises a way to have the mixer, get the mosque to pay for it, and have it more of an Anglican Fun Fair. Will Amaar catch on? Meanwhile, Yasir thinks that Rayyan should start dating again. He believes the perfect person for her to date is his new foreman named Yousef, who is a recent immigrant to Canada. Rayyan, seeing what her father is doing, decides to have a little fun with him. Sarah also can't help but get in on the family games. But Yousef may have other thoughts, even if he can't articulate them properly to Rayyan, Yasir or Sarah.

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