maar is having yet another issue with Reverend Thorne. Thorne tricked Amaar into improvising a sermon, while Thorne used the one that Amaar was originally going to deliver. Not only does Amaar's improvisation bomb while Reverend Thorne's sermon receives much praise, Thorne's sermon is reprinted in the newspaper crediting Thorne for the inspirational words. Amaar devises a plan to get back at Thorne by purposely writing a bad sermon for Thorne to steal, but will Thorne take the bait? Meanwhile, Rayyan figures that with the house that Yasir and Sarah bought as a wedding gift for her and J.J. sitting empty, it is time for her to move out on her own. But Yasir, not wanting his daughter to move out until she is married, decides to sell the house from under her. Although Rayyan can no longer move into that house, this move by Yasir may place a permanent wedge between father and daughter.

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