ayyan is relishing the fact of living on her own, if only her parents would leave her alone. Yasir and Sarah, with a key to her house to be used only for emergencies, have been over every day since Rayyan moved out and have even let themselves into the house using that key. Sarah and Yasir, wanting to respect Rayyan's adult wants, propose not to visit for one week uninvited or else they will give back the key. Yasir and Sarah try their best at respecting Rayyan's wishes, but one thing or another always brings them back to her house. Not wanting Rayyan to take away they key, they continually need to break into the house without her knowledge. Meanwhile, others, in Yasir and Sarah's supposed absence, have been coming over to visit Rayyan, despite the fact that she sometimes wants some time alone. Two of her visitors are Amaar and their chaperon Reverend Thorne, who agrees to this role if only as a ruse to continue his hard conversion sell of anyone non-Anglican to his church. And Rayyan's next door neighbor Fred, hearing prowlers (who in reality are Yasir and Sarah) forms a mob watch of the Prairie Dogs to protect the neighborhood.

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