eighbors Rayyan and Fred go through a myriad of emotions in their relationship as neighbors. Fred rants on air that a mishap that occurred on Rayyan's property is some sort of Muslim conspiracy. Things change when Rayyan saves Fred's life by performing the Heimlich maneuver on him. After that, Fred will do whatever he can to please Rayyan. But Rayyan finds that a little gratitude from Fred may be too much to take. Meanwhile, Reverend Thorne is planning on making major renovations to the church. Despite working on six other contracts, Yasir is desperate to get this one as he sees it as the most lucrative. He may have a tough challenge seeing as to the reverend's view on his Muslim neighbors, but also because not being Christian, Yasir doesn't know the first thing about church architecture. Yasir figures he can overcome this issue with help from ex-Anglican Sarah. But when Reverend Thorne implies that he won't get the contract because he's too busy, Yasir tries to get out of his other six contracts, even without the guarantee of winning the church contract.

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