asir breaks a delivery sent to Reverend Thorne. Yasir is reluctant to confess to this error. On Sarah's advice, Yasir decides the easiest thing to do is order another to replace the broken one. Luckily, the replacement can be shipped in 24 hours, meaning that Yasir and Sarah only have to hide the fact that Yasir broke the first one for a day. However, when the replacement arrives, it's not exactly like the original. Meanwhile, Reverend Thorne learns that Yasir broke something, and when the reverend learns what it is, he is not angry but decides to use this knowledge to put Yasir and Muslims in general in a bad light. But Yasir unexpectedly does a positive thing with the replacement. Meanwhile, Baber and Layla are continuing their difficult father/daughter relationship. On a whim, Baber thinks it would be a good idea if Layla went to live with Rayyan for a while, as Rayyan is under the belief that she knows what it takes to be a good parent. However, will Rayyan and Layla get along as guardian/child any better than Baber and Layla do?

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