oth Amaar and Reverend Thorne want to mount some sort of advertising campaign to attract new people to the mosque and church respectively. With some extra time on her hands, Sarah, who does public relations work for a living, volunteers to help whomever wants. Since Reverend Thorne asks her first, she decides to help him instead of Amaar, despite the fact that she is a Muslim herself. As she goes through this process with Reverend Thorne to great success, Sarah has to reconcile the "PR whiz" side of herself with the "Muslim" side of herself. One step to accomplish that is to convince Reverend Thorne to erect a new sign for the mosque in front of the church, to which he agrees. The actual sign, however, is not quite what Amaar would have had in mind. Sarah and Amaar have to come up with a plan to get Reverend Thorne to remove the sign, as he won't do so on his own. Meanwhile, Layla is still living with Rayyan. Baber wants her to move home. Rayyan wants her to move home. But Layla is content where she is. The only way Layla may consider moving back with Baber is if he apologizes to her, which may be impossible as he's just terrible at apologizing to anyone. Baber and Rayyan have to get the help of a true schemer in the form of Yasir to help. But perhaps a little honesty might go much further in accomplishing their mission.

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