maar inadvertently agrees to an exhibition fund-raising boxing match with Reverend Thorne, who has a boxing background. Reverend Thorne does whatever he can to provoke Amaar, and is so sure of his victory that he makes a wager on the match. Amaar, seeing the boxing match as a metaphor of the battle between the Muslims and Christians, doesn't want to partake. As he progresses in his training, he admits to his trainer, Rayyan, what he really fears. Rayyan, trying to be supportive but still wanting Amaar to go through with the match, comes up with a plan. Will Amaar still go through with it? Meanwhile, Yasir is getting exasperated by Reverend Thorne's constant changes in the church renovations. The last straw for Yasir is after the reverend requests a change after Yasir has already completed that certain aspect of the job. When Yasir finds out that Sarah failed to give him a message beforehand from the reverend about that change, Yasir has to grovel for his job back.

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