t's the December holiday season, and the Christian and Muslim children at the church/mosque are fighting over how to decorate the building. This fight, especially the sight of an ornament looking like a mosque made out of Christmas tree light bulbs, makes Amaar remember back to the one and only major fight he had with Reverend Magee the first year the mosque was located in the church. Without asking, Duncan used the prayer hall as a practice space for the Christmas pageant's choir, then decorated outside the prayer hall with Christmas decorations. Amaar and Duncan were able to overcome these problems amicably, with Duncan even inviting the Muslim congregation to their Christmas party. But the last straw for Amaar was when the Anglican congregation, without Duncan's OK, moved into the prayer hall for the Christmas party since there was no other available space in town. Amaar disallowed the Christmas party in the prayer hall, much to an angry Duncan's chagrin. One other battle that year happened between Sarah and Yasir, who decided to place Hamoudi Contracting invoices in the Christmas cards Sarah was sending out. And Sarah wondered why they weren't receiving any Christmas cards in return.

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