maar is ready to propose to Rayyan, but he almost forgets to ask Yasir for her hand in marriage beforehand. In the intervening time, Rayyan is aware that Amaar is about ready to ask her. The unfortunate thing for Rayyan is that everyone else in town is also aware that Amaar is about ready to ask her. That fact ruins the mood for when Amaar is about ready to ask. So both Amaar and Rayyan, with a little help from Sarah (at times too much help), try to come up with individual plans to make the actual proposal special. Meanwhile, Reverend Thorne is on every Mercyite's enemy list both for kicking out the Muslims from the church and denigrating Mercy as a town. Since there is no indication that he will be leaving Mercy anytime soon, he has to try and find a way to get at least the Anglican congregation to be back on his side.

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