n the second season final, Sam asks Steve, now a Second-class angel of Heaven, to translate the ancient demon scroll that Nina brought back from Hell which could help get out of his contract with the Devil. But is it apparent that Steve has an ulterior motive of his own for both wanting to help Sam... and preventing him from doing so. Sam manages to summon forth Satan for a game of "flipping coins" into shot glasses. But when the match comes out in a stalemate tie of 5 to 5, this still allows the Devil to keep Sam's soul. But Andie steps in and tries to arrange a rematch by making the ultimate gamble of offering her soul to Satan. Meanwhile, Ben's second-sight grandmother refuses to associate herself with Ben unless he has an exorcism performed on Nina, while Sock inadvertently ends up under the influence of substance after the guys bring back halogenated toads from their latest soul capture.

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