race attempts to bond more with her 11-year-old nephew Clay, and gives him some tips for an upcoming kissing party. A motel manager is murdered, and the motel housekeeper suspected seeks protection in a church, claiming it was self defense. Captain Perry, a old friend of Grace's from her days in Oklahoma City's vice squad, arrives to take the place of the late Lieutenant Yukon in Major Crimes. Grace gets some helpful hints from Pippa-the-prostitute and a moral nut case who videotapes hookers and johns. Meanwhile, Earl sets up a multitude of religious shrines in Grace's house hoping she'll pick out a path that suits her best. Rhetta confides in Grace's brother about her visions of Earl, and shows him the cow with the Jesus face markings on it's side. Perry gives Butch a hard time regarding his University of Texas belt and memorabilia. Also, Grace continues her sordid affair with Ham who decides to break it off and move back home to his wife.

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