fter leaving Racine, Don decides not to return to New York, but rather drive around the country, Sally one of the few people he has let know. He ends up getting stranded in Ava, Oklahoma, with car troubles. As he waits for his car to get fixed, he gets to know Del and Sharon, the owners of the motel where he is staying, and Andy, the motel's young housekeeper. All three and Del's closest group of friends affect Don's life in different ways. Don, in turn, ends up affecting Andy's life in more ways than one. With Don AWOL, Jim Hobart has called in Duck Phillips to find a replacement. Running into Pete at the McCann offices, Duck thinks he has a mutually beneficial arrangement for Pete. Pete ends up humoring Duck partly out of a sense of owing him a favor, not wanting Jim even to that he and Duck talked. But as Pete goes through the process, Trudy gets peripherally involved, which makes Pete think not only about what he is doing with Duck, but what he wants in his personal life. Back at college, Betty seems content for the first time in years. An incident that happens to Betty at school leads to some information which will affect the entire Francis household, but with which Betty, in her new contented state, is the most at peace.

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