on has several opportunities to reflect on the state of his life and his future. First, he's in the process of selling his apartment. Melanie, his real estate agent, tells him what the state of his apartment displays to the outside world. Second, he's asked by Roger to prepare some materials for a McCann retreat that Roger is attending in the Bahamas, those materials which is to include a look into Sterling Cooper's future. That reflection is influenced by unofficial discussions he has on the issue with among others Peggy and Ted. Third, he has dinner with Sally and a group of her friends, before they are heading off on a summer educational tour. Sally opens up to Don about her feelings toward their family based in part on that dinner. And fourth, he gets caught up in some internal strife on those working on the Peter Pan cookie account, those people being Peggy, Pete, Mathis and Ed. Meanwhile, Betty learns that Sally has maintained a friendship over all these years with Glen Bishop, who has some surprising news for both Sally and Betty. And Joan takes a business trip to Los Angeles, where she meets a divorced developer named Richard Burghoff, the two who seem mutually attracted to each other from the start. They both seem to want to pursue a relationship, but are somewhat reluctant to bring out the skeletons from their respective closets.

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