ngry at Alo for declaring his love for her and at her mother Shelley for moving her tubby,sex-mad boyfriend Eric into the house Mini also discovers that she is pregnant and contacts her high-flying but absent father Gregory,staying in his riverside apartment and contemplating going to Australia with him,even though people tell her he will let her down. Her college friends gate crash Gregory's party and Alo gets thrown out after accusing Gregory's assistant Ryan of having sex with Mini. She confides her situation in Franky who advises her to tell Gregory but,never one for responsibility,he leaves for Australia without her,leaving her a cheque for five hundred pounds. Alo also rejects her,terming her too callous to be capable of love but unexpected consolation comes from Eric,who reconciles her with Shelley after which Franky takes her to an ultra-sound clinic where she weeps tears of joy on seeing her unborn baby.

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