aomi's stand-up,incorporating her cancer,becomes a big success but when Emily visits from New York Effy agrees to keep the illness secret from her,accompanying her friend to chemotherapy after Emily has gone.Effy continues her affair with Jake,who confesses to problems at work. She asks Dominic for more insider information,which,feeling used,he initially refuses but eventually hints at the likely success of Morbury Mining which makes the company a huge return. As a result of this new-found wealth Effy obtains a luxury flat for herself and Naomi but is called before a tribunal,now headed by ex-boss Victoria,to account for the firm's upturn in future,due to her insider information,which she denies. To allay fears that he will be incriminated she protects Dominic,as well as having sex with him,and,on Victoria's advice,clears herself by sacrificing Jake as the culprit before going to visit the dying Naomi.

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