fter Jake persuades her that he only took photos of her to share her beauty with the world Cassie forgives him. They go to visit Marcus and Cassie's little brother Rueben at their chaotic seaside chalet and after sharing a platonic bed Jake takes photos of Cassie on the beach. She is angry with Marcus for keeping Rueben off school and feels he should take more responsibility. Back in London she attends a rave where Jake's images of herself and Rueben are projected onto a huge wall and soon afterwards she is given a modelling contract by agent Marcel Hulot. Homeless and jobless now the possessive Jake is angry with her for selling out, leading to a confrontation with Yaniv, who has offered a sympathetic shoulder. As both men leave her life Cassie gets a visit from Marcus and Rueben. Her father is planning to get his act together by going to Italy to teach and Cassie agrees to take care of Rueben whilst he is away. With her modelling career beckoning and somebody to look after things are starting to look up for Cassie.

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