eonard and Howard have started working on the prototype, and accept Penny and Bernadette's offer to help. The boys leave the girls in the lab while they need to go to the hardware store to buy more solder. En route, the boys get lured into a free preview movie screening, about which they plan to lie to the girls why they are delayed. They however text Raj about what they are doing, Raj who has since ended up at the lab himself. Raj has to decide to who his allegiance lies, the boys or the girls. Meanwhile, Amy is trying to convince Sheldon to replace his broken down laptop, which seem to be on its last legs. Sheldon is reluctant to replace it, but he is even more reluctant to recycle it when it does eventually break down, even though the electronics store will give him store credit for it. Sheldon decides to come clean to Amy about why he doesn't want to recycle it.

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