eonard's mother has come for a visit. While Leonard wants to avoid her at all cost, Penny wants truly to bond with her despite the less than happy relationship Leonard has with her. So it's good timing for Leonard when Raj mentions that there is a special screening of The Avengers (2012) that he wants them all to go to. While Leonard and Howard are up for the evening out to the cinema, Sheldon doesn't want them to go without him, he who promised Amy he would go shopping with her at that time. When Leonard tells him that he can still go shopping with Amy and that they will save him a spot in line, Sheldon balks at the notion, not believing in "cutsies", that is until they mention that people nowadays are hired to do a number of unusual things, such as stand in line for others. Who Sheldon hires is Stuart, but not quite in the way they all had in mind. Regardless, Stuart relishes what looks to be his newfound wealth from these "person for hire" type tasks, while Sheldon still will not tolerate the notion of cutting in line in what he sees as its truest form. With the guys at the movie, Penny decides to invite Amy and Bernadette over for a dinner with Beverley. Penny is hoping that Amy and Bernadette, being more intellectually like Beverley, will help her smooth the way with her new mother-in-law. It ends up being a more difficult task for Penny than she had hoped, but it's an unexpected admission by Beverley which may truly open the lines of communication between the Hofstadter women.

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