hen she finds out that Beverly was secretly hurt by not being invited to their wedding, Penny makes the unilateral decision to hold another non-legal wedding ceremony to which she and Leonard will invite their closest friends and family, largely to appease Beverly. After Penny is able to convince Leonard to go along with the idea, Leonard makes the unilateral decision to his invite his father, anthropologist Dr. Alfred Hofstadter, a move that does not sit well with Beverly, as she and her ex-husband have been on bad terms with each other since their divorce. Sheldon makes the unilateral decision to his invite his mother to "their" wedding, which could prove to be awkward since Beverly and Mary, in their previous meeting, have shown that they not only don't see eye-to-eye on anything, but that they truly don't like each other. Putting Mary, Beverly and Alfred in one room together is an explosive mixture, but not totally in the way Leonard, Penny or Sheldon would have figured. Meanwhile, Howard has got the guidance system to work. Almost immediately upon that revelation, Howard receives a message from the US Air Force that they would like to meet with him. Beyond the general discussion Howard, Leonard and Sheldon have had about the use of the guidance system and whether they would want it in the hands of an organization that could use it for violent or military purposes, Howard becomes paranoid that Big Brother has been watching his every move, something that Bernadette and Raj try to convince him is not the case, and that the timing of the request was all coincidental. Howard's paranoia takes on interesting proportions, especially as it relates to Penny and Leonard's pre-wedding dinner.

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