y saving Lady Jane from being assassinated Rani has altered history,alerting her to the fact that the dagger is the object of her search. Before returning to the present she comforts Lady Jane,telling her she will always be remembered and giving her courage to meet her fate. Clyde and George elude the Nazis but meet a school-mistress who turns out to be a traitor. Clyde bluffs her into believing his mobile phone is a bomb and he snatches Thor's Hammer,which would also have changed events had the Germans used it,whilst he and George lock the invaders in the church and summon the Home Guard. In the Victorian house the children in the future room materialize fully and Emily saves them by unlocking the door,the key being the final object of the quest. Sarah Jane returns without it but an elderly lady appears in the shop and offers it to her. She is Emily's grand-daughter who gave it to her in the knowledge it would one day be needed. Emily became a successful doctor and Clyde reads that George grew up to be a pioneer in radar,knighted for his services. And they both helped to save the world.

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