s Rani's mother drags her reluctant husband off to join a U.F.O. spotting group run by Miss Ocean Waters,Androvax the Veil exits a vault in the basement of a disused asylum which he has used to travel to Earth,seeking help for his dying planet,the help being provided by two halves of a combination to the vault which he is seeking. Previously a trickster who travelled using the bodies of others,Sarah Jane now believes him,especially as three deadly androids,led by Mr. Dread,are pursuing him and try to kill Sarah Jane,Rani and Clyde. Clyde allows himself to be the Veil's host as he and the women visit Ocean,who had a half-forgotten encounter with Mr. Dread some forty years earlier and who possesses half the means of the combination. However the androids also arrive at her house,meaning murderous business.

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