he boys see Will being overpowered by abductors, jump in with their mysterious black savior the Porter to chase that van. Tyler realizes he tracked them via his watch; they are shot at. Jay trusts the key which Maya said he would return for, estimated over 100 years old, will tell them about Traveler. Will awakes with a leg wound, gets a meal from Kate whom he didn't know; she confirms to be from 'Hometown' and questions him about the museum bomb; he denies to have saved his college mates, saying an unknown man with a gun overpowered him in the museum, she stun-guns the kid, says Joseph sent the second man mistrusting him, insists he asked for his assignment two years earlier, yet pulled the fire alarm. She's relieved it ain't worse after he confesses to feel for the boys, hits him for denying to know about 'the painting'. The FBI finds the burned corps was not Traveler, arrests Murden but he escapes. A Boston tour guide knows the key is from a Boston Hall research cabinet, in the 1807 Harvard library, where the boys find the stash containing Will's papers, money and false names- passports, payments for his school expenses by a firm Three Continents neither knows, Jay decides to try his New York address. The Homeland agent calls Kate and orders Will's 'file closed' after his answers; she pressures Will with Maya's voice in mortal anguish, now he admits he doctored the bomb, cut out and stole a painting as insurance, says it's in a Grand Central Station locker, beaten after another lie corrects it's in a car trunk on LaGuardia airport and gives the license plate, then she plays the next recording: Maya was killed two hours ago- Will breaks lose, stabs the bitch to death and escapes from the computer park; Kate's accomplice dies from a bomb he planted in the laGuardia car.

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