he FBI chases Tyler on foot from Hahn's place trough Upper Eastside NY, he gets out in a bus and hooks up with a bar maid. In Boston, Will manhandles a weapon supplier but even a fake hanging merely squeezes a vague description out of him. After studying the video of Maya's killing, Will questions tattoo artist Ed Carter, who identifies the killer's tattoo as a certain Martin and gives his hotel address; Will tails and fights him, makes him admit the orders to kill come from Freed, then shoots him anyway. Jay hides in a motel. FBI agent Jan Marlow questions Kim at home, who seems to know nothing, promises to protect Jay's life if he turns himself in; a note on takeaway he sends her serves as cover for a message where to meet Jay, they make love; she has a recording of Will accepting his mates will get hurt as the Drexler bombing is part of a larger plan "in the nation's interest". A traffic surveillance camera recorded Tyler, but the FBI loses his trace; the barmaid and he have sex, Carlton Fog says in the paper he tried to help his son Tyler. Just then Chambers is called away by Robert Cole, then questions but commends Borjes for using his NSA contact Haley about Otis Whaley, suggesting not to risk his career like Marlow did. Tyler identifies on press photos the mystery man who talked to Carlton and traded Holloway stock as Jack Freed from Homeland Security, a former FBI deputy Director, and calls Kim, then the barmaid realizes who he is. Jay surprises Marlow, talks holding the gun, gives her Holloway data and some of Will's fake passports; she disarms him, Kim causes a power failure so they can run. Marlow catches up, Tyler is there too, holding a gun to a cop's head as he believes her to be in the conspiracy, then Will appears and aims his gun at Marlow.

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