he Wilson family arrives in Beverly Hills, after Harrison "Harry" Wilson takes a job as the principal at West Beverly High School, while his children, Annie and Dixon, attend the school during their first week much to the awkward circumstances of their father watching over them, while Harry and his photographer wife, Debbie, also keep a close eye on Harry's washed-up, alcoholic, actress mother, Tabitha. For Annie and Dixon, the school is one big culture shock for Annie, a sweet and friendly girl with a passion for the theater, and Dixon, a star athlete and scholar who was adopted by the Wilson family after they took him in as a foster child. Annie and Dixon have a close sibling relationship, which they'll need to help them cope with all the new cliques and classmates, including Naomi Clark, a hot and stereotypical spoiled rich girl who believes that money buys everything; Ethan Ward, Annie's former boyfriend from Kansas who's now Naomi's boyfriend, and a popular lacrosse star whose abilities rival Dixon's; Navid Shirazi, an aspiring student reporter who heads up the school's daily TV newscast; and Erin Silver, a rebel and wanna-be socialite who produces and stars in a YouTube-type video series, and who develops a crush on Dixon. Adrianna is a fellow student and theater "goddess" who is Naomi Clark's best friend... and Ethan Ward's secret girlfriend, and who has a serious drug addiction; George Evans is an arrogant West Beverly High student, who takes an instant dislike to Dixon because of his race (Dixon is black). Wendy is "sexy vixen" student at West Beverly Hills High who takes every advantage of her looks; Ty Collins is another student and theater major. Even the faculty seems hip and sophisticated at the school whom include the smart and funny teacher Ryan Matthews, beautiful guidance counselor Kelly Taylor, and successful theater actress-turned-high school-musical director Brenda Walsh. The Wilson family has just begun to realize how much their lives are about to change.

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