elly arrives back in Beverly Hills and reveals to Silver what happened between her and Dylan during her trip. She also confronts Ryan, who has taken a leave of absence, about the rumors that he hooked up with a student, while Ryan refuses to explain his actions to Kelly or anyone else as not to jeopardize Kimberly's undercover status to nail the drug pushers at West Beverly. On Annie's 16th birthday, Naomi sees her kissing Ethan and decides to get back at her by inviting Annie's old boyfriend, Jason, to her birthday party hoping it will break up her and Ethan, who continue to debate over keeping their blossoming romance a secret... unaware that everyone around them already knows. Meanwhile, Adrianna has dinner with Navid and his large Iranian family and she also finds out that Navid is a virgin. At the end, the big twist comes when Harry's 22-year-old illegitimate son, Sean, visits the Wilson family for the first time during Annie's party.

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