hen Dixon creates a strain within their romance, Silver reaches her breaking point and takes off on an irresponsible spree and ends up at a train station hoping to travel to Kansas to find Dixon's birth parents, while everyone else ponders her fragile mental instability and second guess it. Kelly teams up with Ryan to look for Silver in which their first stop is Kelly's and Silver's mother's house. Silver is not there of course, but Jackie has further deteriorated into drugs and alcohol herself and has some harsh words when she blames Kelly for Silver's mental state, and both Kelly and Ryan pass judgment on one another. Meanwhile, Adrianna and Navid babysit Kelly's son, Sammy, and they soon learn more pratfalls of parenthood. Annie is forced to team up with Ethan and Naomi to search the school for Silver where she struggles with his recent ending of their relationship and how Naomi will gloat over it. While Dixon faces the shock and anger of both Harry and Debbie over not telling them about Silver's mental problems, he wonders if he is to blame for everything that is happening.

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