ixon and Annie find their Friday night plans disrupted after Debbie and Harry plan a family bowling night without consulting them. So, Annie plans to sneak out of the place to meet with Ty to attend a rock concert, while Dixon plans with Navid and Ethan to sneak him out so they can watch a movie at Navid's house. Meanwhile, Naomi has an unpleasant evening with her estranged and selfish businessman father, Charles, who puts her off for work. Also, Dixon invites Silver over to the Lucky Strike Bowling Alley, and he later finds Silver asleep in his car. Silver then confides in Dixon about her troubled home life and how her drunkard mother, Jackie, verbally and physically abuses her. The news gets back to Kelly who confronts Jackie about it, while at the same time, Kelly continues to be sought after by Ryan who tries asking her out on a date.

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