s opening night for the school play nears, Harry catches Annie kissing Ty, which makes him worry that she and Ty are moving too fast with their growing romance. Silver, stressed out from her job as the stage manager, gets some comfort from Dixon. Meanwhile, Naomi tries make her mother and father get back together, but Tracy's mind to divorce Charlie is made up. On the opening night of the play, the star Adrianna's drug use comes to surface from being under constant pressure from her overbearing mother, Constance, and when Brenda discovers this, she replaces Adrianna with Annie in the lead alongside Ty. But when both Brenda and Kelly confide in Constance about her daughter's drug abuse, Constance (a secret drug abuser-in-denial herself) refuses to believe them. Afterwards, Adrianna successfully gets her revenge when she manipulates and breaks up Ty and Annie's romantic get-together at a celebration party at a local hotel.

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