fter spending several days in the hospital recovering from a near-fatal drug overdose, Adrianna tries to make amends with Naomi. But Naomi refuses to forgive Adrianna for her betrayal. While serving her detention, Naomi meets a trouble-making punk, named Ozzie, who could spell trouble for her. Later, Adrianna makes a connection with Navid, who helps her through her situation as she's accepted into a rehab clinic. Meanwhile, Annie and Ethan finally take their rapidly growing romance to a new level during the school's annual homecoming dance, causing Naomi to feel jealous. Dixon asks Silver to the dance, but she turns him down for she feels, in her liberal and radical mind, that Homcomming is the scene of the morally corrupt. Ryan believes that the new student, Kimberly, is a narc after he sees her purchasing drugs. Also, Debbie confronts Tracy about the time Tracy kissed Harry.

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