ilver invites a few of her female friends over at her house for a girls' night, but the event quickly turns into a house party which causes massive damage to hers and Kelly's house. Meanwhile, Debbie and Harry finally reveal to Dixon and Annie that they have a long-lost, out-of-wedlock brother who was given up for adoption by Tracy Clark over 20 years ago. Dixon, who does not appear upset by the news, deals with the situation by talking to Silver about it. However, the news bothers Annie and she takes out her anger and frustration at Silver's party by getting drunk and being insulting to everyone. Annie and Ethan decide to keep their relationship a secret, while Naomi continues to hang out with the trouble-making Ozzie. Elsewhere, Adrianna and Navid continue to grow close until they have a misunderstanding. Also, a student sees Ryan and Kimberly kissing and begins to make demands to Ryan, while Kimberly is just determined to keep her secret identity under wraps at any cost and informs Harry about what's transpired between them.

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