he gang is preparing for the SAT's when Silver disagrees with Teddy's decision to skip college to focus on his tennis career and things grow even more tense when she meets his movie star father, Spence. As a result of falsely accusing her faculty adviser of sexual harassment, Naomi is now required to complete community service and publicly apologizes to her peers for the trouble she has caused. Meanwhile, Liam and his father, Finn, reconnect and attempt to rebuild their relationship as Liam moves in with him. Navid and Dixon host an underground gambling party that results in Dixon quickly becoming out of control with betting and he ends up owing Teddy's father's bookmaker, Mark, a lot of money. Debbie reveals to Harry that her yoga instructor made a pass at her, which forces the two to finally discuss their recent problems. Annie, aware of her parents marital troubles, turns to Liam for support. At the end, Naomi gets an unpleasant surprise when her psychotic and revenge-seeking sister, Jen, returns to Beverly Hills, with her French husband in tow, where they announce that they are the new owners of the Beverly Hills Beach Club.

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