eddy continues throwing his charm and weight around by inviting some of the gang to a day-long sailing trip on his father's yacht. There, more relationship troubles hit them. Dixon tries to move on from Silver by inviting over Sasha to whom he lies about his age to impress her. Navid begins to doubt about where his relationship with Adrianna is heading. Adrianna begins to show more appreciation to Teddy, while he continues to rebuff Naomi's further attempts at flirtation. Meanwhile, Annie, broken and humiliated from the nude photo of her that was posted to the entire student body, commits herself on a hell-bent mission to expose Naomi as the perpetrator. Both Harry and Debbie begin to worry about Annie's recent behavior and try to arrange a sit-down of talks with her. However this only stirs up more tension as Annie becomes more bellicose, refusing to talk to anyone. Harry then confides in Kelly about Annie's behavior - Kelly suspects that Annie's hiding something. Elsewhere, Liam is frustrated and disgusted at Annie and Naomi's continuing vicious feud. Neither one of them wants to associate with Liam anymore, so he confines himself to his garage where be begins working on a dark "project".

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