nnie becomes somewhat angry at Naomi whom has tracked down their real biological half-brother Mark Holland, a local chef who owns a gourmet food truck and Naomi tries to institute herself into Mark's life by holding a CU Food Truck Cook-Off competition where Wolfgang Puck is judging. Meanwhile, Liam experiences some symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder while preparing to testify against Ashley, but he continues to refuse to talk about his feelings or deal with them. Navid falls further into the Cronos society's nefarious doings when he learns that Campbell runs a "cheaters club" in exchanging test answers to finals. Also, Silver becomes more overbearing with her surrogate Michaela whom begins to resent being Silver's pampering. Backlisted by the music industry, Adrianna is asked to substitute as a lead singer for a band in a Battle of the Bands competition at CU which Annie throws for Dixon who is looking for new fresh talent.

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