hen Annie gets depressed at what should have been her wedding anniversary to Owen, the boys take her to a club, where she meets Gilbert, a ghost who died in 1985, and who tells Annie she is in a ghostly state because she has unresolved business in her life, though he does not know what it is. He is sweet on Annie and moves into the house, almost ruining George's date with nurse Nina, but George is later overjoyed to find that, despite being a werewolf, he can still function sexually. Mitchell is stalked by the troubled Lauren, frightened by her own blood-lust, and he lets her drink his blood, as well as stealing hospital supplies for her. Gilbert eventually passes over, having learned that his purpose was to give Annie information, but Annie, who has mistakenly believed that her 'business' was to please Owen, remains in limbo, having discovered, to her horror, what really killed her.

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