itchell shelters Carl, an old vampire friend who has tried to 'be human' but killed again, (with his victim arriving at the hospital and intriguing Lucy). With help from Ivan and George, Mitchell gets Carl out of the country, but Nina, appalled, leaves George, running right into Kemp, who has been monitoring the house. Pathologist Quinn tells Mitchell that he once colluded with Herrick for money but, with Herrick gone, he has become honest again. Ivan forewarns Mitchell of things only getting worse. Meanwhile, Saul tells Annie he was dead for several minutes following a car crash and saw the same corridor she did. He also imagines that people on the television are addressing him personally and goading him into making Annie pass over. Ultimately, he cannot do it and goes through the door alone, but Annie finds herself regressed from the experience and that, once more, humans cannot see her - starting with Hugh, to whom she had just begun to get close.

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