s Hal notices the burn on his arm Cutler is annoyed when bossy vampire Golda,accompanied by two minders,announces that she will be directing operations from now on. Earnest student - and fellow werewolf - Allison arrives at the house,having seen the film of Tom on the Internet,wanting to know who posted it. This leads them to Cutler and an eventual showdown with Golda,whom Cutler kills,to regain his position.Seeing that her parents are anxious for her safety Tom sends Allison back to them and out of danger. Hal meanwhile is nervous about going on a date - his first in a hundred and fifty years - with Scots tourist Alex and fails to follow up,fearing he will harm her whilst Annie,having accidentally killed grumpy neighbour Emrys, finds that helping him to pass over is harder,but ultimately more fun,than she had imagined. Having seen him safely through the door she is confronted by a fair-haired woman from the future,claiming to be Eve.

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