utler greets the Old Ones led by Snow as Annie tells Alex and the boys of her meeting with Eve,who asked her to kill her. She says that she cannot and destroys Cutler when he comes to the house to harm the baby girl. Tom plans to kill the Old Ones by means of a suicide bomb,a fact which becomes known to Milo,a werewolf who is part of Snow's entourage and whom Tom rebuffs,just as Hal refuses Snow's offer to join him in his conquest of the world. Hal and Tom visit the vampires' lair with the baby,latterly joined by Annie. Snow tells her that he wants Eve but has no intention of killing her,merely keeping her hidden as she is the figurehead of resistance. As a consequence it is down to Annie to take the drastic action needed to save civilisation and to shape her own destiny. In a coda Mr Rook,leader of the men who disposed of Alex's corpse,also brings the filmed evidence of Tom's transformation into a werewolf to a vault for tidying away.

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