inety years earlier vampire Hal and werewolf Lady Catherine attempted,unsuccessfully,to end the war created by the devil through the Trinity between werewolves and vampires. In the present Alex,discovering that she drowned,searches for her body with Tom's help so that she may pass over. Hal is approached by the sinister Dominic Rook who tries to tempt him with a supply of blood if he will engineer a vampire take-over but Hal refuses,shortly before being responsible for office worker Ian "Crumb" Cran being run over. To prevent Ian dying Hal turns him into a vampire and imprisons him in the cellar but Alex releases him and he returns to work and kills a colleague. Rook is summoned by the Home Secretary,who tells him his department is to be closed,causing Rook to fear for the future of his 'tenants'. Rook collects Ian from the office and takes him away whilst Tom and Hal start work at the Grand Hotel as waiters. Here the sinister and cantankerous guest Captain Hatch whispers into the ear of a waitress,who consequently kills herself,writing He Will Rise in her blood.

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