iamond thief, bigamist, and con-artist Teri Ranzino (aka Trudy Wainright, Tenley Bishop, Toni Denard, Tress Stevenson), is put into Witsec after stealing 10 million dollars in raw diamonds from her latest clueless husband/mark, getting arrested by the FBI, agreeing to divulge the whereabouts of 20 million dollars worth of illegal conflict diamonds, and giving up the identities of the men conspiring to sell them. After settling in to her new life, the now-Trenna Morris, find a new rich man to marry, claims she really loves this one, and ropes Mary into being a bridesmaid. When the diamond smuggler, Ngwama Mubutu, sees her picture in the paper, however, "happily ever after" may not be in her future. Raphael proposes to Mary after being called up to the Majors, with disastrous results.

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