Sous titres français pour la série U.S. Marshals, Protection de témoins (In Plain Sight) - S01E05

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Who Shot Jay Arnstein?
43 min


After setting her cheating, art thieving husband up for the F.B.I., Marci and Jay Allen (now Arnstein) are placed into WITSEC, because the art smugglers/fugitives Jay worked with, are still at-large. As retaliation for his wife's betrayal, and as part of his deal with the D.O.J., Jay insists on bring his mistress into the program as well. Unfortunately for him, after six months, he tries to turn over a new leaf by getting Mary to re-relocate his mistress, Kay, moments before she shows up drunk at an art show, exposing Jay's secret to his wife. Shortly afterwards, Jay is critically shot. This begs the question... who shot Jay Arnstein? The scorned wife? The jilted lover? The smugglers? Or could it be some new, unknown threat? While recovering from a sports injury, Raf is laid-up at Mary's where he and her adversarial sister, Brandi, get a chance to know each other better.

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