Sous titres français pour la série U.S. Marshals, Protection de témoins (In Plain Sight) - S03E03

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Coma Chameleon
60 min


An ATF agent is shot by a weapons dealer he was working on. He ends up in a coma and wakes up a few years later. He is told that he is now in the Witness Protection Program and Mary's in charge of him. He asks to see his girlfriend. Mary says she'll do what she can. Raphael's aunt comes for a visit and questions Mary about her plans with Raphael. The agent meets with the prosecutor who tells him that his partner, who at the time of his shooting was addictive to pain killers which made him unconscious when he was suppose to back his partner. So they need his testimony to put the man who shot him away. And it's not a good time for him to see his girlfriend. After he leaves, the prosecutor tells everyone including Mary that his partner and girlfriend are now married. They try to convince him to wait after the trial but he bolts to see her.

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