s Halloween approaches, Victory has a disturbing dream about Joe dying in a mountain climbing trip that she tries to interpret. Meanwhile, Nico makes expensive plans for Christmas with Kirby, but he refuses to let her pay for him when he believes that dating her makes him feel like a kept man which leads him to try to photograph an on-the-wagon starlet at a party he is working at to make extra money to sell to tabloid magazines. Elsewhere, Shane leaves town for a business trip without saying goodbye to Wendy who seeks solace from her friend Dennis, while she also learns from her former co-worker, Salvador, that he was offered her former job. Nico and Griffin attend a party at sleazy magazine magnate, Lou Peterman's, house where Nico goes all out to impress him. Also, Victory attends a costume party with her assistant Roy, where she has a run-in with Joe.

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