ictory deals with her boutique store's grand opening when she argues with Dahlia over her extravagant plans for the opening fashion show. But when Victory fires Dahlia, she turns against her and Victory is forced to call upon Rodrigo as well as all her friends to help salvage the event. Meanwhile, Joe confides in both Nico, as well as his long-suffering personal assistant, Ellen. He tells them about his worries where his relationship with Victory is concerned and makes a decision to buy her a ring. Wendy heads back to Parador Pictures to pitch a new movie idea. But Salvador, the new VP as well as his naive new assistant Paige, puts a damper on Wendy's mood. She has a run-in with a Kinkos copy girl with a screenplay of her own. Elsewhere, Nico runs into her late husband's mistress, Megan, with her new baby and instantly bonds with him, while Kirby lets Nico be aware about his feelings about being second in her life.

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