rudi goes to meet Paul's ex-lover Sally Moore who shows her proof that he had an American lover. Sally tells Trudi she wants a share of the benevolent fund for her son. Siobhan gets Katie to give her a proper pregnancy test and Katie advises Siobhan to tell Harry as they have a fertility appointment booked for the following day. Siobhan cannot tells Harry the truth and misses the fertility appointment deliberately. Jessica arranges a threesome with her female partner from the wedding and her boss Simon. Trudi guesses that Katie is having an affair with Sam and expresses her displeasure to Katie. Trudi breaks off her relationship with Richard. Katie tells Sam that she was the person who had an affair with his dad and he tells her to leave him alone. Siobhan decides to pass off the baby as Harry's after Dominic tells her he is not interested in having a family.

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