atie and Jack reminisce about their past when they attend a regional board meeting and later breaks up with Dan and then realising she made a mistake takes another chance with Dan. Trudi finds out that Richard's ex-wife Natalie is still alive and is suffering from early on-set Altzeimers and that the money he pays from their account is for her care at a home. Trudi later breaks up with him as she says she cannot trust him any longer. Siobhan quits her job when her boss won't take her off the case with Tom McCormack after which Dominic tells her that Tom's wife has photographic evidence of their affair. She later finds out that Hari has also been sent the photos. Hari tells her he's had enough and walks out. Meanwhile, Jessica tells Mark that she saw him with Carrie and is not able for their open marriage. He tells her he wants to change and wants to be with her.

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